About Mathemaniacs

Mathemaniacs is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education consulting company with an aim to get more children and youth into STEM careers. Mathemaniacs was established out of the founder’s love for Mathematics and her wanting to transfer her love for Mathematics to others and make sure that African youth can play a pivotal role in creating African solutions for Africans.

Our mission

To get more African kids and youth to fall in love with STEM and pursue careers in STEM. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and we need to make sure that our country is prepared and engaging in it. Gone are the days when STEM was an area of interest, STEM is for everyone!

Our values

  1. Excellence: we strive for excellence in STEM
  2. Ambition: we pursue growth and learning in STEM 
  3. Passion: we believe that with a passion in STEM, extraordinary inventions can be cultivated

We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be Science, Engineering and Technology. And there will always, always be Mathematics.

- Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures)

Our Offering


We design and implement sustainable and impactful CSI strategies for corporates to invest in quality STEM education in rural and disadvantaged schools and communities. Our strategies and projects are instrumental in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We believe that all projects should show a social return on investment and thus we assist corporates to put in the necessary evaluation tools and processes in place to measure the impact of their social project and investments, ensuring that they are aligned to company strategy.

Contact Us

Write to us:

  • info@mathemaniacstut.co.za